Tungsten carbide Hardfacing is a process by which a coating of tungsten carbide is applied to the surface of components. Tungsten carbide Hardfacing forms a metallic bond with the substrate that makes components more wear resistant. This can be carried out on most steels including, cast steel,forged steel,carbon steel and stainless steel.

Tungsten carbide is a high quality dense material that is suitable for abrasive wear applications. This form of Hardfacing offers excellent resistance to corrosion and also excels in maintaining its hardness at elevated temperatures.

Tungsten carbide is a more expensive process than chrome carbide hardfacing, but is much more wear resistant and is therefore more suitable for abrasive applications. It also offers excellent resistance to corrosion.

CTW Hardfacing provides a fast turnaround tungsten carbide hard facing service to companies in the UK, and for many applications including:

  • Valve Seats
  • Pump Components
  • Rotary Valve Bodies
  • Rotary Valve Endplates

CTW offers two different services, we can fulfill your hardfacing requirements using spray hardfacing using metal spray powders or weld deposit hardfacing.

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