CTW are well known in the paper process industry for repair and hardfacing of various equipment in the pulping, de-inking and material segregation and are working with mills throughout the UK and Europe.

Our ability to return high value, intricate parts back to their original profile and then extend their operating life makes us unique and the end results are huge savings on replacement parts and increased operating life.

Some of the items we work on are:

  • Pulper rotors
  • Helico rotors
  • Contaminex parts
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Press screws and housings
  • Pump parts
  • Basket and screen plates
  • General reclamation of mechanical parts
Paper mill Processing Plant Repairs

All mills suffer wear problems and we feel we can be a benefit in so many areas and hope you will contact us to discuss the ways we can help you.

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