Welcome to CTW [Hardfacing] Ltd

CTW [Hardfacing] Ltd are located in Sheffield, within the heart of the Steel and Engineering industry. Established in 1972 and with a vast experience in the refurbishing and repair of worn items of plant we are acknowledged as leaders in our field.

Our specialist knowledge in depositing high quality, wear resistant deposits provides long term wear solution for many industrial problems and we are working within industries such as; -

  • Power Generation
  • Steel production
  • Pump and valve manufactures
  • Oil and gas processors
  • Food processors
  • Plastics, Tyres & all waste disposal operations

Our facilities within CTW (HARFACING) LTD workshops ensure we can offer flexibility and versatility and using MIG, TIG, Open and sub arc processes we can cover most welding, hardfacing and reclamation operations.

We are fully committed to ISO 9001 and having full drawing and CAD design facilities ensures repeatability and quality of product.

To increase our range of services our operation at Celcoat  provide high integrity thermal sprayed coatings used in medical, aerospace and marine applications.

Email: admin@ctwhardfacing.co.uk